Sermons seek to: 

  • Engage the ancient stories, poems, and letters in the Bible. 
  • Articulate biblical literature through imaginative oration.
  • Rouse our wholeness as human beings.

The act of hearing a sermon is:

  • Space to ponder the sacred.
  • Opportunity to consider the mystery and love of God.
  • Provocation to slow down, to think deeply, and to be stirred and inspired to bountifully live.


Wholly Human

For too long Christian faith has been at odds with science and psychology. As I understand it, science, psychology, and Christianity can and should live together as kindred friends. This sermon series attempts to put contemporary psychological findings and biblical stories into conversation in order to evoke our further growth and wholeness as human beings. 


Kingdom Considerations

This sermon series arose from our cultural context in February of 2017. Donald Trump had been recently inaugurated as the forty-second president of the United States, and Christians were affirming and renouncing this new reality in Jesus' name. This sermon series begins by offering an empire corrective. It then casts three stories that keep us rooted in a divine narrative in the midst of empirical entanglements.


A Treatise on Law & Grace

The notion of grace is so extraordinary that it is often depicted by Christians as law in Jesus' name. This is both a tragedy and an irony. This sermon series seeks to explain the nature and function of law and grace. Ultimately, this sermon series seeks to awaken us to the astonishing reality of grace that animates our lives.


Wrestling with Words

The purpose of this sermon series is two-fold. First, it encourages that which its title states – wrestling with words. To wrestle with the scriptures isn't heresy, it's divine. Second, it tries to reimagine important Christian words that have become – at their best – tired, and – at their worst – violent.