Since the time I was introduced to Macbeth in high school, I have loved words. I love the way that words sound. I love the meaning that words create. I love the thing that words do in heart, mind, and soul. 

Words evoke our reality.
Words articulate an emotion, an idea, a story, the divine. 
Truly, words spin worlds.

My affair with words has taken a few paths. In college I was introduced to the Bible as literature. This was new to me. Growing up in the church I read the Bible, a lot. But for me, the Bible had always been a kind of esoteric holy book penned by God rather than an ancient collection of sacred writings overflowing with provocative stories, poems, and letters. And so began my first path – an education in the Bible as literature.

In seminary, I happened upon a second path – homiletics. Homiletics is the study and act of communicating the scriptures. For me, homiletics was a perfect pairing with the Bible as literature. It inspired me to use words, to articulate sacred words, that name the world and encourage abounding life here and now. This realization led to a Doctor of Ministry focusing on the rhetorical function of biblical genres and a Ph.D. specializing in the efficacy of biblical literary figures to hold attention and make meaning.

Besides my love for words, scripture, and homiletics, is Pearl Church. Pearl is a unique expression of Christianity in the world that is making room for differences, mystery, and complexity. We understand Christianity as a loving way of life that facilitates transformation and nurtures peace. Does religion exist for any other reason?

Herein lies my third path – re-membering Christianity as good. Right now, a Christian revolution is taking place. This revolution is unwilling to accept incoherent “truths,” dogma that fosters violence, and faith that is animated by fear. However, I am convinced that this revolution must go further than denial and critique. The provocation of deconstruction must function to make reconstruction possible. Death must give way to new life, which is the result of a gospel that is truly good. For this reason, I desire to contribute to a generative movement that critiques and re-members a good Christianity, for today.

Lastly, I've been married to Jen since June of 1997 and we have three children. Our life together is my greatest pleasure.